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15th July 2021
Control's Assist Mode Receives DAGERSystem Barrier Breaker Award

Following their work with Control's Accessibility Mode, Remedy was recently given Barrier Breaker Award!

The award was recently presented to them by DAGERSystem, an organisation established in 2012 which focuses on games journalism with spotlight on games accessibility. Unlike traditional awards, the Barrier Breaker Award is not presented annually, but rather spontaneously to "industry-leading" developers who "implement exceptional accessibility features".

In a recent blog post DAGERSystem awarded a number of games and developers that honour, including Naughty Dog Studios (The Last of Us Part II), Motive Studios, iD Software (Doom Eternal), and Insomniac Games (Marvel's Spider-Man). Some of the awards were given to vast accessibility support such as the settings in Control and The Last of Us Part II, whereas others received recognition for the little things that make player's lives a lot easier such as Doom Eternal's comprehensive and clear subtitles. 

Released in August 2020, Control's Assist Mode allowed players to take control of their own game, tailoring it to exactly how they want to experience the adventure. The update allows you to adjust damage amounts for both Jesse and the Hiss (allowing for one-shot kills), as well as changing how fast her energy regenerates, how fast her weapon reloads, and whether you would like to have aim assist enabled. It also allowed players to remove death entirely with an immortality mode.

You can read the full article, HERE


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