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17th July 2021
Valve Reveals the Steam Deck with Control Spotlight

This week, Valve announced the brand new Steam Deck, a handheld PC gaming device designed to enable you to play your Steam library while on the move, including all your Remedy favourites.

A potential competitor for the Nintendo Switch and even subscription services such as Amazon Luna and Google Stadia, the Steam Deck is available in three different models. 65GB (£349), 256GB (£459), and 512GB (£569) in addition to the increased memory size, you also receive a number of extras, both digital and physical. Although if you're on a budget, the device also comes with a MicroSD slot which will enable players to also upgrade their storage space at a later date too. The Steam Deck is due to be released in December 2021.

With multiple versions, there's the potential for miscommunication. So, Valve has already addressed the potential issue of variation between the three models and reassured players that "there is no in-game difference in frame rates or graphics quality between the three models." 

Ahead of the reveal, IGN had exclusive access to the new device. Their hands-on review is lengthy, tackling subjects from the feel of the analogue sticks, to button customisation. The most surprising part of their article was that Valve was also developing a docking station, allowing for the portable device to become a desktop PC, allowing for gaming on a large monitor with keyboard and mouse controls. In his report, Bo Moore (IGN's Executive Tech Editor) was pleasantly surprised by the power of the little machine, "I played a bit of Factorio and Death Stranding with mouse and keyboard on a 32” monitor, and if it weren’t for the Steam Deck sitting docked next to me on the desk I would have forgotten it wasn’t running off a traditional desktop PC."

For his test, Bo tried a number of games out on the device. In addition to Factorio and Death Stranding, he checked out Doom Eternal, Control, among others. You can read the full IGN preview, HERE.

Check out the Steam Deck website to learn more, HERE!


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