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9th September 2020
Studios Celebrate Control's One Year Anniversary

August was a month of celebrations with the studio turning twenty-five, the launch of the remotely-developed AWE DLC, the release of the Control Ultimate Edition on Steam, and Control's first anniversary. To mark the first year of Jesse's debut adventure, Remedy filmed a special tribute video, similar to what was uploaded for Quantum Break's own anniversary.

In the piece, Sam Lake (Creative Director), Mikael Kasurinen (Game Director), Courtney Hope (Actor, Jesse Faden), and Matthew Porretta (Actor, Dr Casper Darling) spoke about the reactions to the game in their own personal message to the fans. 

For the video, the studios also selected artwork from the community which had been submitted following their call out for fan creations. Spotlighted in the two-minute video was incredible work by Bryonato, spicie_currie, gogopangolin, beardburrito, dan duncan, systempunk, reygular, gameography, serhat_thewarden,, shinobi_space, hoggysart, the gentlemen's gaming club, sean.not.shaun, gusphostavo, ben_farchione, legionofpotatoes, oryozema, sketcharama, alanclear53, lord and lady towers, kid_kaiju, themegsalot, rist nl, mt_oullette, olliehoff, ushancat, by_zain, mr delabee, sarokeye, walt c, double du, gentlemanmetlhed, and The Stupendium feat. Cami-Cat


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