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28th July 2020
Remedy & 505Games' Call Out For Community Creations For Control Anniversary

It's almost been a year since Control launched on XBOX One, PlayStation 4 and PC (via The Epic Store) and to celebrate Remedy are 505Games are looking for fans to submit their Control-themed projects!

This could be clip from your livestream (with your reactions), artwork, videos, photos, Photo Mode scrrenshots, basically anything Control-related that you created yourself.

If you have something in mind that you want to submit, you can use the form here to send your work in:

There is a deadline for submission, with Vida setting it on August 7th, so if you have a contribution you want to submit or an idea for one, make sure to make a note of that date so you don't miss it! 

I'm so excited to see all your lovely work and latest projects!


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