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17th June 2020
Poets of the Fall Releases Acoustic Version Of False Kings For Alexander Theatre Session

For their June acoustic recording at the Alexander Theatre in Helsinki, Poets of the Fall performed a brand new take on their powerful single, False Kings.

False Kings was the first of five singles released to promote the band's eighth studio album, Ultraviolet, which launched on October 5th 2018. By the following week, the album hit top spot in the Finnish charts. The song is also the second one from the album to receive the Alexander Theatre experience, the first being The Sweet Escape.

You can see the full Alexander Theatre recording below:

The video was filmed by Tiia Öhman and Markus "Captain" Kaarlonen, and was recorded, mixed, and edited by Markus "Captain" Kaarlonen. Lights were by Tuittu Teivainen. The lighting and camera technician was Henri Ilanen, with extra cameras provided by Studio Varustamo.

False Kings (Alexander Theatre Session) is also available on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play!


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