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18th June 2020
Watch Remedy's "Devs Play: The Expeditions" Livestream!

Remedy was back with another livestream today, in which they return to Expeditions, a free expansion pack for Control which launched in December 2019. The mode tests players with new and tougher challenges but provides plenty of rewards for players who can make it through.

Hosted by Vida Starčević (Remedy's Community Manager), the broadcast featured special guests, Adam Persson (Control's Level Designer), and Juha Vainio (Control's Executive Producer) who called in.

At the start of the years, developers at the studio made the move to work from home, as part of the international effort to reduce the spread of Covid-19. The precautions also extended to the studio's livestreams, with their latest broadcast marking the studio's third remotely held show, with a fourth scheduled later in the month.

In a tweet posted up on the developer's page, the studio revealed that they would be "doing a seasonal approach to streaming, so there will be more streams in the autumn as well!"

The next broadcast is set for June 25th (7pm EEST / 10am PDT / 5pm BST / 4pm GMT) to celebrate the launch of The Foundation on XBOX One. 

In case you missed the broadcast, you can catch it in full below or on the Remedy Twitch channel, HERE!


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