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10th April 2020
Remedy Celebrates 90K Twitter Followers With A Special Control Badge Giveaway

To celebrate Remedy passing ninety-thousand followers on Twitter, the studio is currently running a giveaway in which they are giving away a Federal Bureau of Control pin!

All you need to do to enter is like (THIS post) and follow the channel to be in with a chance of winning. There wasn't a deadline given to the giveaway and the number of potential winners is currently unknown, so if you have yet to enter, make sure to so do so as soon as possible.

The pin features the FBC crest, complete with the organisation's motto "Invenio Investigatio Imperium", which yes, is actually trademarked to Remedy and listed on the European Union Intellectual Property Office. The badge itself is about an inch in diameter and has never been available to purchase, instead they have been given to the developers, media outlets, and convention attendees. It's a gorgeous piece of merchandise, and definitely something to look out for if you're a Control fan! 


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