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7th April 2020
Control's Soundtrack Now On Spotify & Apple Music

Petri Alanko and Martin Stig Andersen's brilliant new soundtrack for Control is now out and available to be streamed for free on Spotify and Apple Music.

The soundtrack comes with sixteen incredible tracks; seven from Petri Alanko, seven from Martin Stig Andersen, and one from Olds Gods of Asgard (Poets of the Fall), with the final piece being a collaboration between Alanko and Martti Suosalo.

At the moment, the only physical copies of the soundtrack were made available through pre-orders or media kits, but there are some rumblings about a possible vinyl being explored as a potential idea, although nothing has been confirmed.

Full list of tracks: Et Ratio Principalis (Petri Alanko), Counterfeit (Marting Stig Andersen), Intro - Portam Ad Inferno (Petri Alanko), Vantage (Martin Stig Andersen), Voces Ignotas (Petri Alanko), Observer (Martin Stig Andersen), Nihil Est Simplex (Petri Alanko), Lichen (Martin Stig Andersen), Metamorphosis (Petri Alanko), Summon (Martin Stig Andersen), Soror Et Frater (Petri Alanko), Furnance (Martin Stig Andersen), Finis Est Principium Alterius (Petri Alanko), Vapour (Martin Stig Andersen), Take Control (Old Gods of Asgard/Poets of the Fall), and Sankarin Tango (Petri Alanko & Martti Suosalo)


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