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12th April 2020
Causing Havoc In Quantum Break's Live Action Series
Easter Holidays 2020

As it's Remedy's 25th anniversary this year, we've been dedicating each month to a specific title or live-action series. For April our focus is on Quantum Break's TV-style episodes, so for Easter, it felt appropriate to spotlight our favourite Easter Eggs (of sorts!) from the show. While the live-action series and the game were made by different studios, they had little moments where what the player;s actions in the game, the things they noticed and interacted with, would later have a small impact in the live-action world. While not strictly inside-jokes kind of Easter Eggs, they were fun hidden messages that made completionists want to return to Riverport, and many you may even have triggered without even realising.

For Easter, we wanted to return to those little tie-ins and talk about our favourites!

Fixing The Equation

One of the earliest Quantum Ripples takes place in Act 1, Part 2. In the scene, Jack and Will are avoiding Monarch forces after the organisation stormed and seized the university. The brothers are able to evade the troops by venturing down beneath Project Promenade and using Lower Atrium, Physics Labs, and Maintenance routes as a means to escape. After a quick fight, the player can interact with a nearby whiteboard, bringing Will's attention to the incorrect equation.

The Act: By drawing Will to the board, he will rub away the false information, and replace it with the correct code. The equation was specifically for the stability of the core, so a pretty essential part of the machine!

Jack: Paul was positive that the experiment would work, that the figures were correct. 
Will: Because his specialists were a bunch of goddamn idiots. Their formulas were missing these variables entirely. 
Jack: You're seriously making corrections right now? 
Will: Well, if they'd made them in the first place we wouldn't be here! 

The Off-Screen Result: The act causes a number of things to happen, outside of what the player can see; the University Time Machine's core will be stabilized once installed at Monarch in later levels. With the core later successfully installed, it causes power outage at Jesse Faden's hometown of Ordinary in Maine, sparking a sudden rise of violent crime that night. The work being completed also has an impact of a couple of Monarch lab assistants; Weinz, will finish work early and return home to discover that his wife has been having an affair with the mailman, in a fit of rage he kills them both and is jailed for their murder. Another lab assistant will rush to the lab after being told of the solution and suffers a car crash. But on a lighter note, a man named Ben Jones wins the lottery having chosen the numbers 11 and 22, an act which sparks Monarch's concerns that there may be time travel involved.

With every Quantum Ripple, there's documentation that the player can collect which expands on the greater impacts of the decision. All of the information that we've found about the off-screen result comes from those documents.

Source: Quantum Break Wiki / Uploaded by Kranitoko

The Live-Action Show Result: In the show, the Quantum Ripple can be seen as two (presumably) lab assistants discuss how the equation was mysteriously solved overnight. If the equation isn't fixed, the scene won't feature a pan across the cafeteria as the conversation takes place, and instead will focus on Fiona Miller watching the news broadcast.

"I was over in the lab at the university this morning, someone solved the equation."
The Ram Statuette 

Later in the same act, players will switch over to Paul Serene for the game's first Junction Point. As he walks with Martin Hatch towards Amy Ferrero to decide on the course of action, the player can interact with a ram statue resting nearby on a cargo container. The statue was originally stolen by Jack and Paul on a road trip in Utah, and was later displayed in the Project Promenade room.

The Act: Despite the seventeen years, it's clear that Paul is still emotionally connected to the memory, and will request it to be transported to Monarch HQ, if the player interacts with it.

The Off-Screen Result: During the transportation of the memento, two members of the Safe Guard unit will accidentally kill each other while fighting over stealing it, but that wasn't the only effect it had on Monarch staff! In fact so many people began taking selfies with the ram at the company that it became a social media trend, a situation which the organisation's PR department wasn't entirely welcome of. Outside of Riverport, the state of Utah began legal proceedings against Monarch for the theft of their statue, and there was a sudden spike in the demand for dairy products.
The Live-Action Show: It's a blink and you'll miss it moment with the ram in the live-action series! In the first episode, Liam Burke will return to Monarch after his standoff with Beth Wilder. As he walks through the corridors, there will be a few members of staff posing with the ram and giving feedback for the best selfies.
Haskins's Gala Invitation

In Act 2 Part 1, Jack will enter a security room where he will overhear Clarice Ogawa and Serene having a radio conversation. On the desk, Jack can accidentally knock an invitation to the upcoming Monarch Gala into the bin. If you're feeling some guilt, don't worry, it sounds like Haskins wasn't the greatest of guys to work with. It's one of the most innocent and accidental Quantum Ripples in the game but can lead to some serious consequences off-screen.

The Act: Simply interacting with something on the desk is enough to trigger this Quantum Ripple. The invitation belongs to Richard Haskins, and in a rush to get to the event, he's unable to find the invitation on his desk.

The Off-Screen Result: The most direct result is that Haskins will be late to the gala but will still be able to get in after some additional security, his wife later divorces him and he will ask to go on "burn out" leave following. The actual invite does turn up and is sold on eBay by Blanch McDougal (a username used by Nick Marsters). In a greater context, large numbers of Monarch butterflies are later found dead across America.
The Live-Action Show: Arriving late, Haskins rushes to his seat next to his wife obviously overwhelmed. She asks him where he has been which starts off a small argument with Richard raising his voice at the end. It's clear that the relationship is tense and on the rocks. Fiona and Charlie watches the couple from afar and comments on the "drama".

"Richard, where the hell have you been?"
"Didn't have my invitation"
"Oh my God. You're always losing things."
"I'm not losing anything!"
Go, Riverport Rexes! 

In Act 2, Part 2, Jack will explore Will's Workshop at Ground Zero. In an enclosed side room, there's a football team standee featuring a T-Rex holding a football and the word "Rexes" proudly written underneath. It's a situation which only impacts Riverport University but will also end up forming a closed time loop.

The Act: If the player interacts with the standee, it will disappear and travel back in time/

The Off-Screen Result: Travelling back in time, the standee makes an impact on the team that originally created it. The newly formed local football team adopts the T-Rex as their mascot in 2011 and calls themselves the Riverport Rexes. Monarch also notices that an identical (theorizing that it may be the same) standee goes missing at Ground Zero in 2016. Later, in a university fraternity prank, the standee ends up on Gull Island in a rowboat.
The Live-Action Show: Wanting some fresh air, Charlie and Fiona leaves the Monarch Gala and walks around Gull Island. During their walk, Fiona notices that the Rexes standee has mysteriously appeared on the island.

Fiona: Ah! What the fuck is that?
Charlie: Kind of Looks like a dinosaur wearing a helmet.
Fiona: Yeah. That's exactly what it looks like.
The C.F.R. Announcement

In Act 3, Part 1, Jack enters the Radar Tower on Gull Island where he discovers a computer controlling the camera feeds to the Monarch Gala. Depending on whether the player had chosen "Personal" or "Business" in their Junction Point, either Martin Hatch or Paul Serene will make the speech at the Gala. It's at this time that they will announce the C.F.R, revealing its importance in the organisation's chronon research, and in safeguarding the future.

The Act: In the Radar Tower, Jack can choose whether to cause some havoc by broadcasting the intended-internal speech.

The Off-Screen Result: At the time the broadcast is live-streamed, Monarch's PR Director, Oswald, is recovering from surgery at the local Riverport Hospital, news of the leak triggers a massive stroke. The Dot Dot Dot cartoon show is later rescheduled due to additional news coverage of Monarch's announcement. For Control fans, there's a teaser for what's in store, with numerous conspiracy theories appearing online connecting Monarch to an alleged secret government agency known as the Bureau of Altered World Events.

The Live-Action Show: For this one, there are quite a few impacts to the live-action show. In the episode, a section of the news broadcast can be heard as Liam enters the hospital to see his wife. The newscaster introduces the leaked speech stating, "a rare glimpse behind Monarch's curtain, and we bring it to you now..."

Depending on the choice at the Junction Point, there are two versions of the speech; one by Martin Hatch, another by Paul Serene. In both cases, a live-action recording of the spokesperson is shown during the game.

Paul Serene's Speech: Thank you and welcome. Tonight marks a momentous occasion, for years we have been building towards this day. Years of planning, developing, training. For me, personally, this marks the end of a seventeen-year journey and today we emerge from the shadows. We do so accepting great responsibility. I present to you, the CFR, the Chronon Field Regulator. 

This device has been at the heart of our Chronon research since 2010, but I am here to assure you that it is so much more than just that. This device will be our salvation, and as promised, it is ready. To some of you, this means nothing. To others, everything. Rest assured you will all know when the time is right. We are entering a volatile age; great danger is coming our way. It cannot be prevented, but we can be protected. And so tonight is a celebration, a celebration in the face of darkness. We celebrate- For some of you, this means nothing. For others, everything. Rest assured you will all know when the time is right. We are entering a volatile age; great danger is coming our way. It cannot be prevented, but we can be protected. 

And so tonight is a celebration, a celebration in the face of darkness. Tonight we celebrate because I promise to you that we are prepared. We are prepared for what comes next. We are prepared to do what is necessary. We are prepared to survive. Thank you. 

Martin Hatch's Speech: Good Evening. You weren't expecting somebody this handsome, I know. Unfortunately, Mr Serene is preoccupied with his many duties necessary to ensure that we maintain control over our path forward. And that's what tonight is about, the future. We all knew this day was coming, even though many of you out there aren't sure that means. We're entering a new phase in our operation; one that presents new risks and new demands. One that requires this.... the Chronon Field Regulator, or C.F.R.

Now many of you know that this device has been the source of our Chronon Research since 2010, but what only a select few of you know is that this device is at the centre of Monarch's plans to navigate through the dangers of the future. This device- *Gunshot* EVERYBODY GET DOWN! 

Adventures In Flesh

In Act 3, Part 3, we have one of the most memorable Quantum Ripples; a chapter of "Adventures In Flesh" by L Hakola, an erotic tabletop-themed audiobook. When tasked with finding Dr Amaral, Jack can discover a tablet resting on a cargo container with an audiobook loaded on-screen.

The Act: By interacting with it, an audiobook will start playing and will be broadcast over the R&D Monarch radio channels.

You can read the full transcript of the audiobook section over on the Quantum Break Wikia, or can listen to a dramatic reading of it on YouTube, here! It's a whole thing!

The Off-Screen Result: The two doctors who file away reported Quantum Ripples have conflicting emotions about the audiobook; Dr R Morphin finds himself appreciative of the fine literature, although Dr T Ranger is less so. On a greater note, a candidate for the Monarch Chronon Tech Striker team, Sunders, finds himself distracted by the radio broadcast as he navigates the cliffside of Gull Island; he accidentally slips and drowns in the waters below. The novel "Adventures in Flesh" becomes a bestseller as a result of the broadcast.
The Live-Action Show: After using a copy of Dr Amaral's prints to gain access to Kim's Lab where Serene's Chronon-based treatments were being created, Hatch is immediately informed of the team's progress in sabotaging Monarch's plans. During the scene, the audiobook is playing on the speakers, and Hatch queries about it although doesn't necessarily object, instead seeking out the Shifter that Monarch has imprisoned.
(In The Show) At Kim's Lab
Commander Davis: We're five minutes out, Mr Hatch.
Hatch: ...What is that?
Commander Davis: Not sure. It was playing when we came in.

(In-Game) After Broadcasting The Audiobook:
Monarch Guard: The hell? Is somebody playing... an audiobook over the radio?
Ogawa: Whoever that is, shut it off, now.
Jack: I think I'll just leave that right there.
Ogawa: Somebody find out where that's coming from. This is supposed to be a secure channel.
An Online Tip-Off

In Act 4, Part 2, the focus is on bringing the second time machine to life. Depending on the player's choices at the first Junction point, either Nick or Amy will be assisting Beth and Jack. In an optional scene, Nick/Amy will point to a forum that is being monitored by Monarch to find Jack's location.

The Act: If the player talks to Nick/Amy at Bradbury swimming pool, the topic of making a false entry on the forums to throw off Monarch will come up.

The Off-Screen Result: The forum entry has an impact on who Monarch chooses to target; catering service employees and mimes are arrested all over Riverport, in addition to a clown attending a child's birthday party.
The Live-Action Show: In the final live-action episode, after talking to Jack on the radio about the C.F.R, Fiona will drive away and see two catering employees being herded by armed Monarch guards. If the Quantum Ripple isn't triggered, the scene will be shortened from her conversation with Jack to Charlie entering Monarch.

"Just stay back. We're just gonna check the catering truck."
The Final Straw For One Electrician 

The final Quantum Ripple is the only one that doesn't directly impact the live-action show. In Act 4, Part 4, Jack has gone back in time to July 2010, and at one point can choose to shut down power to a worksite below.

The Act: When Jack is above the rooftops, the player can choose whether or not to turn off the power to the worksite. Although such a minor thing, it's a little too much for one of the workers.

The Off-Screen Result: As a result, it's the final straw for Paul "The Punch" Palmer who quits his job as an electrician to go into politics. His rival candidate, District Attorney Billings, is later killed in a freak accident and ends up being electrocuted by faulty wiring two years later. As a result, Palmer runs for Mayor in 2016.

Yard Worker 2: What're you gonna do with the extra cash? 
Yard Worker: I'm gonna buy a tanning bed, and I'm gonna live in it.  
*Jack turns off power*
Paul "The Punch" Palmer: Who the hell turned out the- 
Jack (to himself): Oops. Sorry... 
Paul "The Punch" Palmer: Five goddamn power outages this week! That's the last straw! I've had it! Yard Woerk: Where the hell you think you're goin', Punch? 
Paul "The Punch" Palmer: I quit!

Source: Screenshot from TheApexHound Playthrough


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