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10th March 2020
February's Article and Interview Roundup
[New Articles From MCV Develop, IGN, and Gamasutra]

Throughout February, there's been a wave of new articles from websites such as MCV Develop, IGN, Gamasutra, and many more talking about topics such as Control, the upcoming expansion pack, and Alan Wake.

In the mix are some interviews with Petri Alanko (Composer for Control), Juha Vainio (Executive Producer on Control), Thomas Puha (Communications Director at Remedy), and an interview we didn't report on earlier with Brooke Maggs (Narrative Designer on Control).

[INTERVIEW] “A kiss and a good song: both are perfect, but the combination can bring tears into your eyes” – Remedy’s go-to composer Petri Alanko on composing for games

     MCV Develop
Every month, we discuss the unique process of making music for video games. This month, Chris Wallace dives into the musical universe of Petri Alanko, who’s behind games such as Control, Alan Wake and Quantum Break. How early in a game’s development process do you usually start working on the score? Well, as early as possible, and if they allow, I’d gladly be available when they’re first putting the pieces together – brainstorming. It’s a precious tool, as even though something they’re discussing isn’t going to be in the final production, the ‘tone of voice’ or ‘the events that lead to’ type of discussions are the ones that matter to me most. In some cases, the events of these sessions produce an emotional impact that provides a profound foundation for – to use a saying from the fragrance industry – a base note...
Read the full interview with Petri Alanko, HERE.

[INTERVIEW] Control Executive Producer talks next-gen, success, and DLC
Control was an absolutely phenomenal game that released toward the end of last year. It went on to win a slew of awards including the Shacknews Best Comeback award as well as Best Art Direction at The Game Awards 2019. Since then, players have taken to the Oldest House to uncover the mysteries of the paranormal reality in which Jesse finds herself. According to our recent chat with Executive Producer Juha Vainio, the story doesn’t end there.
Watch the full interview with Juha, HERE

[PERSPECTIVE] walked upon the edge of no escape
My friend, Will Hindmarch, is a brilliant writer and game designer. He’s one of the smartest people I know, and his weekly newsletter always challenges and inspires me. In this week’s newsletter, he talks about playing a videogame called CONTROL, which by coincidence, I began playing over the weekend. I wanted to share some thoughts here that I shared with Will privately, because I’m interested to hear your thoughts on my thoughts. Will said: "As of this week, I’m also playing Control again, and glad to be doing so." Here’s my reply to him...
Read the full article by Wil, HERE.

[INTERVIEW] Control: Remedy Devs Hint at Potential Further Content
Remedy Entertainment has hinted at the possibility of more projects set in the world of Control, saying "this is just the start" of its work in the weird, wild setting. Speaking to IGN at D.I.C.E. 2020, Remedy communications director Thomas Puha addressed whether the development team wanted to continue creating projects set in the world of Control now that the game has been released:
Read the full interview with Thomas and Juha, HERE.

[NEWS] Remedy is preparing to jump into the live service arena with 'Vanguard'
Outlining the project during its year in review, Remedy explained that Vanguard is currently being developed by a team of 15 people, and will be a "long-lasting service-based game" that will include "selected Remedy features." 
Read the full article, HERE.

[INTERVIEW] Alan Wake was originally an episodic game series
According to Xbox exec Phil Spencer, Microsoft's original vision for Alan Wake was more like reading a book than playing through a big game. The project was almost a series of smaller bite-sized games that would've been sold and released a la carte on the Xbox Store. That really wasn't the best way to launch the game, though, and instead opted to combine everything onto one disc and release in stores.
Read the interview extract with Phil Spencer on TweakTown, HERE.

(December) [INTERVIEW] Maintaining CONTROL – An Interview with Remedy Entertainment’s Brooke Maggs
At PAX West 2019, the RE:BIND team sat down in person with Brooke Maggs of the Remedy Team to chat about the inspirations and stories behind their newest game, CONTROL. We’re thrilled to have had the opportunity to sit down with her and talk about her experiences coming into the project and hashing out the finer details of what makes Remedy’s narrative style so refreshing.
Read the full interview with Brooke, HERE! 


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