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11th March 2020
New Music by The Stupendium and Dan Bull, Inspired by Control

If you love Control and new music, this post may be exactly your kind of thing. Recently two brilliant musicians, The Stupendium and Dan Bull, created their own raps inspired by Remedy's latest game.

Everything Is Fading

First of all, let's start with Dan Bull's "Everything Is Fading"! For fans of the title, it's an absolutely treasure trove. The three-minute rap is filled with so many in-game references that you will only properly get if you play the game. That's not to say that you can't enjoy it if you haven't though; he balances it perfectly so that even those hearing about the title for the first time can follow the track, just with a different interpretation of the lyrics. If you've heard any of Dan Bull's previous work, that won't come as much of a shock as his work tends to incorporate in-jokes, but for his latest piece, that also transcends to Remedy's previous work, specifically Quantum Break and Alan Wake. Names of characters including Faden, Darling and also the actors such as Hope are also incorporated into the lyrics making it such a fun piece to decode.

Slide Into The Void

While the same genre and topic, The Stupendium's track, "Slide Into The Void" is so very different.

For the piece, he worked with Cami-Cat who provides a second set of vocals, allowing for a  wonderful play between the Director's deeper voice and Cami-Cat's lighter chorus. The track lasts almost six minutes with a video that sees Stupendium impressively step into a number of roles including Trench (complete with vision lighting and smoke) and Dr Casper Darling (complete with green screen script and bow tie). The visual effects are incredible and really adds to an already brilliant song.

About the video, he reveals, "Control has been one of my absolute favourite games from the past few years and I just knew I had to make a video about it. This has been a huge project for me. I've tried lots of new things; sets, advanced lighting, even some wire-work and it is all thanks to my amazing Patrons, without whom projects like this just wouldn't be possible.". You can check out the video below:


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