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8th October 2019
Official PS4 "Dynamic Pyramid Theme" Giveaway [EU]

EU residents! If you couldn't make it to Gamescom this year, the official Control Twitter channel is currently holding another mini-giveaway in which three lucky winners will win a PS4 "Dynamic Pyramid Theme".

The cards were originally given to Gamescom attendees who checked out the game on the show floor, back in August. The theme is not available for purchase and is not available as part of a bundle, although a number of other dynamic PS4 themes for the game are including "Shifting Place Dynamic Theme", "Black Rock Quarry Theme" and "Explorer Theme". 

Interested in entering? All you have to do to enter is follow the ControlRemedy Twitter page, and retweet THIS tweet. 

The giveaway ends Thursday 10th October at 10am BST / 12pm EEST (GMT +3) and is available to residents in Europe.


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