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9th October 2019
The Sudden Stop Newsletter / Issue 33 [September 2019]

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Spotlighted Studio News: Tokyo Game Show. Ahead of Control's release in Japan, Remedy travelled to Tokyo Game Show to kick off a localized promotional campaign which saw new interviews and gameplay footage of the Japan edition of the game

Studio News From September 2019

- ALAN WAKE Rumour: Alan Wake Coming To Switch?
- CONTROL Digital Bros' Financial Report Reveals Epic Store Exclusivity Deal
- CONTROL Control’s Artists Takes To ArtStation To Celebrate Launch
- CONTROL Control Makes Appearance at Tokyo Game Show
- CONTROL Control and Remedy Nominated for Golden Joystick Awards
- CONTROL Control’s “Day Two” Patch Rolls Out
- CONTROL Content Map for Control Reveals Plans For 2019 & 2020
- REMEDY Remedy Celebrates Control’s Launch at Aalto University
- POETS OF THE FALL Poets of the Fall’s Music Video, My Dark Disquiet, Out Now!

Spotlighted News: Control Content Map for 2019 & 2020. Looking forward to more Control? Remedy and 505Games recently published their Content Map for 2019 and 2020 which sees the launch of a brand new gameplay mode, a photo mode, plus The Foundation and A.W.E. DLC packs.

Community News From August 2019

Spotlighted News: Inktober 2019. If you're up for a challenge this month? Make sure to check out Inktober! Every year we love sharing Inktober pieces created by talented artists in the community.

- PAYNEREACTOR How Petri Alanko had to change everything to score Control
- CONTROL WIKI Control Wiki Post-Launch Guidelines

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Spotlighted News: Community Spotlight. Our September Community Spotlight was the amazing Omed (also known as Kicky) whose rocking artwork inspired by "Take Control" caught our eye.

September saw an incredible amount of new fan art. Check out some of the amazing artists below: FridayIvy, Dave, relssahart, Slowpenguin, SquareBosk, Witch NadineSimyXEECEEVEVO, Carla (Crossover and Evil Twin artwork), Fraser, Melfpic,
VirtualGirl, bluepenna, Saya_draws, omiwardani, artfulscruff, artemka.24, Kicky, Hellyon-Works, Nxcht, ThomChen114, and shugulupsketches,


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