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7th October 2019
Reddit Thread Reveals Control's Photomode To Launch Next Week

If you're looking forward to Control's photo mode, then we have good news!

Earlier today, Antonela Pounder, Senior Brand Community Manager at 505Games announced on the community-run Control Reddit channel that the new gameplay mode is due for launch next week. At present, the news seems to be an early teaser for Reddit, and has yet to be revealed on the official social media channels for Control, Remedy or 505Games, but it has been receiving a lot of positive attention on the Reddit thread.

Control's photomode is the first of four planned expansions for the game.

The second expansion will be called Expeditions and it's a new gameplay mode due for launch this December. Expeditions will be free to all players, and will present a combat challenge for gamers looking for more unusual situations and creatures. In the mode, Jesse teams up with Simon Arish (the FBC's Security Chief) as they return order (or some kind of resemblance of it) back to the bureau. In the original announcement, it's presented more as a post-game challenge as it warns that "you will need the best gear and abilities to survive".

There will be two DLC packs, The Foundation and A.W.E. are set for release in 2020.

The first DLC pack, The Foundation, will see Jesse explore the history of the Federal Bureau of Control at the request of the mysterious Board. The pack is due to launch "early 2020".

The second DLC pack is called A.W.E and interestingly features an Alan Wake's promotional image in its logo. The level is due to launch in mid-2020, and will see Jesse explore the Investigations Sector, a new section of the Oldest House where they store information regarding the Altered World Events.


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