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8th August 2019
Remedy Posts "OldSchoolHack" for Epic Games Language Change (Alan Wake)

If you've picked up Alan Wake on the Epic Store, you may have discovered that, if you wanted to change the language, it's a little tricky finding out how to do it.

Many of the games on the Epic Store automatically pick up your language based on your computer's settings, and from reading reports, Alan Wake is a similar story. 

After a number of fans asked the community and the studios for a solution via the Control Discord and Remedy Forums, the developers have investigated the situation and posted their own solution. The answer comes just in time as Alan Wake returns to full price, ending a week of free codes for the game. 

The company has referred to the fix as a quick "oldschoolhack", a homage to Remedy's origins in the demoscene. So what should you do if you did want to change the language? Here's what Remedy said:

Here's how to do it:- Update the game
- Go to Settings in the EGS launcher
- Click 'alan wake'
- Tick 'additional command line arguments'
- Type =locale-XX where XX is the language code

Language codes:Traditional Chinese: -locale=cht
Czech: -locale=cz
German: -locale=de
Spanish (EU): -locale=es
Spanish (LATAM): -locale=esm
French: -locale=fr
Italian: -locale=it
Japanese: -locale=jp
Korean: -locale=ko
Polish: -locale=pl
Russian: -locale=ru

If you need any assistance setting it up, we'll do our best to help out! Alternatively, if you post on the Remedy Forums,  the lovely members there will be able to help.


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