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9th August 2019
Third Episode of What Is Control Out Now!
Episode 03: The Battle Is On

PlayStation has uploaded the third episode of Remedy's on-going introductory video series, What Is Control. This latest clip explores Jesse's service weapon and her abilities in a brief forty-six-second introduction to the game.

Like it's predecessors, this new episode, described by the studios as "spoiler-free", aims to provide a brief overlook of the upcoming adventure, in a short but snappy minute-long clip.

Check out the full episode below and stay tuned for more episodes soon!

Transcript: Striking a balance between your supernatural abilities and your service weapon is key to survival and your best hope of containing The Hiss. The service weapon is an object of extreme power, altered by otherworldly forces contained within the Oldest House. Using her telekinetic abilities, Jesse is able to manipulate her environment to create impenetrable shields from surrounding debris or hurl lethal projectiles with the launch ability. Control. Available August 27th. Pre-order now.


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