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8th August 2019
Control Media Wrap-Up #1 [Nineteen Days Til Launch]
New Interviews, Previews, Round-ups / Updated 9/8

As we're storming through August, Control has been in the news a lot lately with a number of new interviews, new previews, and new roundups being posted in the past few days online. To keep things straight forward, we thought that we'd compile a list of some of the recent articles.

As we near Control's launch on August 27th, we're going to be seeing a lot more of these articles. We're aiming to write one or two of these a week as we approach the date, to keep on track with the latest news, similar to our coverage of Alan Wake's American Nightmare. Naturally larger stories or reveals will be spotlighted in a separate post just so you don't miss it.

Here are all of the news stories that have been posted this week:

[ARTICLE] Control makes me glad that we never received sequels to Alan Wake and Quantum Break

"Control shouldn't exist. Now don't get it twisted. I recently had the opportunity to play through the first four missions of the game and it only served to confirm a long-held suspicion: that Remedy Entertainment really does have something special on its hands with Control. All I'm opining here is that it's easy enough to imagine a world in which Control is little more than a high-concept discussed between old colleagues, rather than one of 2019's most exciting and ambitious action games; a 'one day' dream shared between creative leads Sam Lake and Mikael Kasurinen on long nights spent negotiating terms and revisions with Microsoft on prospective sequels to Alan Wake and Quantum Break."

Read Josh's full article, HERE!

[ARTICLE & INTERVIEW] The 18-month fence hop, the six-day chair, and why video games are so hard to make
     (Interview with a number of developers inc. Tuukka Taipalvesi, Executive Producer)

Video games are notoriously hard to make. The largest AAA games in 2019 require hundreds, if not thousands, of people at multiple studios around the world just to get out the door. They take years of development. Beyond the stories, gameplay, and the obvious features that make their way into previews and store descriptions, though, there are the minute details that have to be handcrafted and placed, sometimes hidden from the player, to make the game feel believable and immersive — like a quick animation of characters jumping a fence.

Read the full breakdown, HERE

[INTERVIEW & PREVIEW] Everything We Learned Playing the First 2 Hours of Control
     PlayStation Blog
     (Interview w. Mikael Kasurinen, Game Director)

"This month sees Remedy, the acclaimed studio responsible for the likes of Max Payne, Alan Wake and Quantum Break, make its PS4 debut with Control. Any new release for a studio with that kind of pedigree is cause enough for excitement, but the Finnish team’s latest project is buzzworthy in its own right, promising a uniquely avant garde take on the third-person shooter genre. With our interest well and truly piqued following a slew of intriguing trailers and some glowing E3 media coverage, we took Control for a spin and then sat down with Game Director Mikael Kasurinen to pick his brains. Here’s what we found out!"

Read the full interview on the PlayStation blog, HERE

[ROUND-UP] Control – 15 Cool Features You Need To Know
     Gaming Bolt

"Remedy Entertainment’s games are almost always widely beloved by all those who play them, and for good reason. Combining slick action with engaging storytelling and unique concepts, they provide the kind of experiences that very few other developers do. With their upcoming Control, they’re looking to deliver a similarly thrilling narrative, while also expanding their gameplay chops, and we couldn’t be more excited. With its release right around the corner, in this feature, we’ll be taking a look at fifteen things you need to know about Remedy’s next title."

Read the full list, HERE

[ROUND-UP] The most exciting PC games still to come in 2019
     PC World

"Having recently read the Southern Reach Trilogy, I’m starting to realize how much of Remedy’s Control is an homage. Hell, even the title comes from the name of a character in Jeff VanderMeer’s series. And I’m totally fine with that. Control’s brutalist Oldest House, headquarters of the titular Federal Bureau of Control, looks like a warren of weird—a boring government office where you might accidentally stumble into a never-ending labyrinth, or a lab being slowly devoured by wildlife. It’s peak Remedy, and a perfect (albeit unofficial) adaptation of New Weird hallmarks."

Read PC World's full list, HERE

[ROUND-UP] These Are the Games You Should Play in August 2019

"Control is Remedy Entertainment’s latest third-person action game. Like Alan Wake and Quantum Break, the game’s narrative focuses on the supernatural. Control distinguishes itself with its otherworldly Metroidvania-like environment. As you progress and gain new abilities, you’ll unlock new areas of the map and gain access to older sections. As a fan of Quantum Break, I’m looking forward to seeing what crazy powers I’ll get to wield. Also, three-dimensional Metroidvania games don’t come around every day, so that’s a bonus."

Read the full roundup, HERE

[ROUND-UP] Game Release Dates Of August 2019: Xbox One, Switch, PS4, And PC

"It's August. Can you believe it? With the big fall games season right around the corner, the releases are slowly ramping up. This month has plenty of games worth grabbing as you wait for 2019's heavy hitters. You can expect to play big games like Madden NFL 20, Astral Chain, and Control. You can find out more about each below."

Read Gamespot's full list, HERE

7 New Games Out in August 2019 for PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch
     Outside Xtra


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