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7th August 2019
Remedy's COO, Christopher Schmitz, To Hold Roundtable Discussion at DICE Europe

The Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences have recently announced a number of new speakers and discussions for their roundtable at next month's DICE event in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Included in the recent announcement was Remedy's COO (Chief Operating Officer), Christopher Schmitz!

On the DICE website, the roundtable is described as a session of "intimate, moderated group discourses where attendees can discuss amongst peers a variety of topics important to the interactive entertainment industry", and is considered to be one of the best events at the show.

Schmitz' discussion has been announced and is called "Remedy Entertainment: Efficient Game Development at Scale"

Roundtable Description:
Three years ago Remedy set a new strategy, that would require a big and challenging transformation: Creating longer-lasting, world-class games much faster, than what Remedy had done in the past, without losing the creativity. That required going from a classic single-project studio organization to a multi project approach, including significant growth of our development forces and a reorganization of how to drive things forward in basically all aspects. Let's discuss how Remedy is tackling the challenges of driving the transformation of the studio, how we empower our teams to deliver excellence, while minimizing waste, and what we learned so far in the process.

Next month's DICE event will be held between 8-10th of September at the Hotel Palace in Dubrovnik, Croatia. You can learn more about the event, on their website, HERE


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