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7th August 2019
Second Episode of What is Control Video Series Out Now!
Episode 02: The Enemy Within [with Transcript]

We're twenty days away from Control! Today Remedy and 505Games have released another introductory episode of What is Control this time focusing on the menacing Hiss.

Like it's predecessor, this new episode, described by the studios as "spoiler-free", aims to provide a brief overlook of the upcoming adventure and its enemies, in a short but snappy forty-six seconds.

Check out the full episode below and stay tuned for more episodes soon!

Transcript: The Director of the FBC is dead. The Oldest House and its inhabitants are corrupted by the Hiss. The building itself has become warped, defying the physical limits of this world. Ominous forces lurk throughout the ever-shifting environment. As Jesse, you must use any means necessary to fight and regain control in this unsettling environment. Control, available August 27th. Preorder now.


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