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6th August 2019
New Video Series Explores What Is Control
Episode 01: Setting The Scene [with Transcript]

In the run-up to Control's launch on August 27th, Remedy and 505Games have created an introductory mini-series for new players. If you're looking to recommend the game to anyone, this might be the way way to explain the game's concepts to them.

Today the studios have released the first episode which gives a brief overlook of the upcoming adventure in a short but snappy forty-six seconds.

Check out the full episode below and stay tuned for more episodes soon!

Transcript: Welcome to Control. New York City. Present Day. Set within The Oldest House, the headquarters of a covert government organisation known as the Federal Bureau of Control. You play as Jesse, a young woman seeking answers about her past. Drawn to the Oldest House by a mysterious force, you discover the building has become corrupted by a dark, paranormal entity known as the Hiss. Chosen as the new Director of the FBC, you must fight to restore Control. Control, available August 27th. Preorder now.


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