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2nd August 2019
Juha Vaino To Discuss Control's Development at CGDC
[3rd August] (China Joy)

Remedy's Lead Producer, Juha Vaino, will be in Shanghai this weekend to about Control at the China Digital Entertainment Expo and Conference, or "China Joy" for short!

In addition to the four-day event, held predominantly at the Shanghai New International Expo Center, there are also a number of off-site programs taking place throughout the weekend including the China Game Developers Conference, which will be held between August 2-3 at the Kerry Hotel in Pudong, where Juha will be speaking.

Juha will be taking to the stage, in the Pudong Ballroom 2+3, on Saturday 3rd August at 14:00. The talk will be called "The Journey of Control’s Development" in the programme and will last for forty minutes

Talk details:

Producing a AAA game with a huge multi-discipline team is full of challenges that need to be tackled in order to ship on schedule with the expected high quality. Planning, prioritization, processes, keeping tight focus, and managing the scope are of key importance in any game production and the importance grows even higher in AAA. In his talk, Juha will share some of the challenges he has faced in game production and the methods he has used to overcome those.

For more details, check out the China Joy website, HERE


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