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7th July 2019
Control's Instagram Kickstarts Character Profile Series, Starting With Emily Pope

Yesterday, the ControlRemedy Instagram page kickstarted the first in a series of character profiles for their page.

Over the next few weeks, 505Games and Remedy will be posting new Control character profiles to their ControlRemedy Instagram page. For your first glimpse at the new teasers, make sure to follow the hub and sign up to notifications.

For people avoiding story spoilers, the latest series may be slightly problematic however Pope's involvement in early marketing makes her a good character to start with. If you want to avoid all character details and go in blind, you may want to be cautious while scrolling through Instagram.

To avoid unwanted spoilers, the headlines for each of these posts on The Sudden Stop will mention that it's part of the character profile series, and will not mention the role of the spotlighted character.

Transcript: "See, there's no guidebook for what we do here. Everything that happens at the Bureau, including the science, is without precedent." - Pope

To learn more about Emily, check out an in-depth look at what's been released so far about her character via the brilliant Control Community Wiki, HERE.


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