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9th July 2019
Supermassive's Character Series Explores Shawn Ashmore's Character in Man of Medan

Previously announced at Gamescom 2018, The Dark Pictures Anthology series has captured a lot of attention and intrigue from the gaming media for their mysterious and creepy atmosphere and thrilling scares. As well as an overlap between Remedy's audience and Supermassive's following their previous launch, Until Dawn, the British developer's latest adventure also stars Quantum Break actor, Shawn Ashmore, in their first episode (Man of Medan) an additional treat for fans of both studios.

In Supermassive's new video series exploring the characters in Man of Medan, we get a look into Shawn's character, Conrad, in a new two-part interview. Check them out below:

In the first episode, we learn more about Conrad's personality. He's a slight deviation from the actor's usual roles as Shawn describes that many fans will be "taken aback" by the character's brashness. However, depending on the player's choices, the actions that we make moulds his character potentially turning him into a hero or exposing his selfish side. The interview also touches on what Shawn is most excited about with the game, his favourite character, and the setting; the latter he fondly describes as "lush" and "beautiful" location but with the potential of revealing a "horrific grimness" where it ends up.

In the second episode, we learn more about the psychological element of Man of Medan, and the horror stories that the studio was inspired by including the legend of SS Ourang Medan. We also hear about Shawn's supernatural experiences, involving a stay at a haunted hotel.
Like Quantum Break, The Dark Pictures Anthology also an episodic adventure with the first episode, Man of Medan, due to launch on August 30th 2019, on PS4, XBOX One, and PC.

Official Synopsis:
The story of Man of Medan starts off on a dive boat in the South Pacific. With a rumoured WWII wreck to find, and plenty of on-deck partying to be had, our group of four young Americans and their skipper Fliss get ready for what should be the trip of a lifetime…but it doesn’t go quite to plan. As the day unfolds, and a storm rolls in, they find themselves trapped on board a ghost ship. Subjected to unimaginable stress and terror, they must try to find a way to escape the ship and its sinister history.

You can learn more about the upcoming anthology on the game's official website, HERE!


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