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10th July 2019
Remedy at Develop: Brighton [Recruitment & Panel]

If you're attending the Develop: Brighton (UK) convention at the Hilton Brighton Metropole tomorrow, make sure to check out Martin Stig Andersen's (co-composer for Control) panel with fellow audio specialists.

The panel starts at 17:45 and lasts until 18:30 in Room 6. In addition to Martin Stig Andersen, the panellists include John Broomhall, Jim Croft, Rob Bridgett, Malin Arvidsson, and Adele Cutting.

Official Panel Description:

In keeping with Develop Conference tradition, John Broomhall is joined by a panel of esteemed colleagues and friends for an inclusive town hall style discussion with conference delegates about the current state-of-the-art of music, sound and dialogue for games and what the future holds for game audio business, technology and creativity.

Remedy's Sari Lingberg (Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist at Remedy) and Sam Hughes (Junior Audio Designer) are also at the event hiring for some of the open positions at the studio. You can see the list in full, HERE.


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