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5th July 2019
Updates on Amelia Rose Blaire's New Project, Lunafon,
Plus Details On A New Game

A few weeks ago, we wrote about a new game called Lunafon: Tales of the Moon Oak and its funding campaign which featured Quantum Break actor, Amelia Rose Blaire, as one of the main characters. Today, we've actually got some more developments about the project as well as news of a second game that Amelia is providing her voice to, in addition to fellow actor and streaming partner, Bryan Dechart.

First up, LunafonaLunafon: Tales of the Moon Oak is a 2D game set in 3D space, with beautifully hand-painted environments and characters, and frame-by-frame animation. The project so far has taken two and a half years to bring to life by its small team of four animators, two artists, and two developers. For the game, Amelia will be voicing The Pirate Queen alongside fellow actor and husband, Brian Dechart, providing the voice of Noone. They will join the very talented cast of Viki Owen (Lunie), Seàn McLoughlin (Arawn), Ffion Jolly (Granny Elder), Roger Clark (Dogfeilion), Bryce Papenbrook (Rosaroar). and Sean Chiplock (Raggety).

In our last update back in mid-May, the game was being crowdfunded through Kickstarter. In our post, 413 backers had already raised £15,782 of its £225,000 total and there was still twenty-three days left to go.

Before the campaign concluded, Ella from Ddraig House Game Studio posted an update with the cancellation of the crowdfunding. With still over £180,000 still left to raise, the project's funding was paid for by an interested publisher, raising 200% of their initial goal. You can read the full announcement below, and check their Kickstarter page, HERE!

You can also follow further updates about the game via the studio's website, HERE!

Full Publishing Announcement:
Ella here with this final update for this Kickstarter, and it gives me the greatest pleasure to announce that we are now FULLY FUNDED, and not only to the Kickstarter goal, but to the full amount of funding we needed for the entire game, at over 200% of our original goal!

So with that, we're closing this Kickstarter down today, but don't worry! All of the merchandise that we had planned for backers will be available to purchase very soon, and we are now in full swing production for the first of 3 parts of Lunafon: Tales of the Moon Oak.

We're releasing the game in 3 volumes: Lunafon, Cynddylan and Annwn. Each volume will have four levels in, and features between 6 and 8 hours of main gameplay each, as well as the animated cutscenes.With each volume released, there'll be a wave of merchandise coming with it - the first of which includes a plushie set, pin badges, vinyl figures etc.

Not only with there be a Lunie plushie, but we also have a Noone plushie, a Rosaroar plushie and a special character named Adara coming to you in plushie form as well - all to choose from!

And, to say thank you to our wonderful backers for supporting us during the journey of this Kickstarter, you'll all receive a special Kickstarter code that is unique to you and your tier that'll give you a discount on the game, as well as a single use discount code for merchandise.

This journey has been amazing. We're coming up on 3 years in development for Lunafon this November, and I am the luckiest darn person alive to be able to do this. I hope that Lunafon will be a game that stays with so many of you for so long, and that you'll love our world and our characters as much as we do.

Next up, we have a new project that Amelia will be working on called Evolutis. The game is a 2D story-driven action game, where players control three protagonists (Chelsea Damon, and Derick) whose stories become intertwined. Both Amelia and her husband will be portraying two characters each. For Bryan those characters will be Mr Nobody and Kim Allen, and for Amelia her characters are Aadya and Amber Price.

You can follow Evolutis's progress via their Twitter page, HERE!


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