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3rd July 2019
New #WallpaperWednesday Sees Jesse in Fuschia

It's been a couple of months since Remedy's and 505Games' #WallpaperWednesday, but they're back with a new selection of four backgrounds featuring Jesse.

All four backgrounds feature altered version of Control's main promotional image, with a colour scheme previously unused in marketing. The new set opts for pinks and fuschia, rather than its more iconic black and red look, giving the images their own distinctive style.

As always you can check out all of the previous Control PC wallpapers, mobile wallpapers, screenshots, and promotional renders on the ControlRemedy Imgur account, HERE.

#WallpaperWednesday is a regular feature on the Control Facebook and Twitter channels which reveals newly added high-resolution wallpapers hosted on their Imgur account. Control is due to be released on August 27th 2019, on XBOX One, PS4, and PC via the Epic Store.


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