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2nd July 2019
The Sudden Stop Newsletter / Issue 30 [June 2019]

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Spotlighted Studio News: E3 2019 Hub! If you missed any of the Control or Crossfire Xnews from E3 this year, check out our hub onThe Sudden Stop! There are daily breakdowns and additional in-depth coverage of the main announcements.

Studio News From June 2019

- REMEDY First Wave of Speakers Announced for Devcom 2019
- REMEDY Inderes Talks to Tero Virtala on the Studio's Future (Finnish)
- REMEDY Steam Summer Sale Across Remedy's Entire Catalogue
- CONTROL New Control Wallpapers
- CONTROL Remedy's Eighth Developer Diary Instructs You How To Fight The Hiss
- CONTROL 505Games To Showcase Control at Guardian Con 2019
- CONTROL Martti Suosalo Joins Control Cast As Ahti the Janitor
- CONTROL Remedy Livestreams "Directorial Override" E3 Livestream
- CONTROL Amelia & Bryan Livestreams Control's "Directorial Override"
- ALAN WAKE Petri Alanko's Alan Wake Soundtrack Returns To Spotify

- E3 2019 New Control E3 Trailer Kickstarts Week-Long Content
- E3 2019 Embargo Lifts on Pre-E3 Previews Shown to Select Press
- E3 2019 New Control Screenshots Uploaded Ahead of LA Event
- E3 2019 Crossfire X Announced for XBOX One, Collaboration with Remedy
- E3 2019 Pre-E3 Wrap-Up: Crossfire X, First Interviews, Booth Teasers
- E3 2019 Day One Wrap Up: Event Doors Open, New RTX Trailer, New Interviews
- E3 2019 Day Two Wrap Up: Japan Launch Details, Interviews, First Awards
- E3 2019 Day Three Wrap Up: Final Day, E3 Coliseum, New Awards
- E3 2019 Post-Event Wrap Up, Part One
- E3 2019 Post-Event Wrap Up, Part Two
- E3 2019 Into The Pixel 2019 Winners Announced

Spotlighted Studio News: Crossfire X Announced! During their E3 Media Briefing, Microsoft announced a new partnership with Smilegate which sees their upcoming game in collaboration with Remedy, Crossfire X, come to XBOX One next year.

Community News From June 2019

Spotlighted Community News: Control Wiki Turns One! This past month, the Control Community Wiki celebrated its first anniversary! Congratulations to the amazing team behind the site, especially its community leader, Holly Nightmare!

- CONTROL WIKI Control Wiki 1st Anniversary Blog
- PAYNEREATOR The Steam Audio System As Used In Max Payne 3 & Control
- COMUNIDAD REMEDY ComunidadRemedy's Sequel Community Poll
- SNEAKYSENSEI Alan Wake XBOX One / XBOX 360 Giveaway

Community Spotlight! Artist, @k_mentev on Twitter is our Community Spotlight for June! Keep an eye on the site in the coming days for the full article, plus an interview with them!

There were a lot of incredible Alan Wake art posted by the community these past four weeks, check out some of them below: Anna's Sassy Alan Wake, Rotorri's Alan & Mr Scratch, Kristy's Alan Wake Poster and ProfileRodney's Alan Wake Anniversary Tribute, Carla's Alan & Ahti Artwork (featured) and Detroit: Almost Human & Control Crossover, Klem's Alan Sketch, and FreakieArt's Alan Wake.


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