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9th June 2019
Crossfire X Coming To XBOX One in 2020 with New Remedy Content

In a surprise announcement during the XBOX E3 Media Briefing, Microsoft has announced a partnership with Smilegate, the result of which will see their upcoming game, Crossfire X, launch on XBOX One in 2020. Excitingly, Crossfire X will also feature new content by Remedy!

In a blog post written by Sooro Boo (Executive Producer at Smilegate) for the XBOX website, they described that the South-Korean-based company has enlisted "world-class development partners to deliver a platform of rich experiences for Xbox players including a single player campaign, battle royale and competitive multiplayer."

The media briefing also shared the first glimpse of the new game, a sleek and impressive hint at what's to come:

Following the completion of their work on Crossfire HD, Remedy announced their continued partnership with Smilegate. Last October, Remedy's CEO, Tero Virtala commented on the continued deal, stating; "it’s been exciting to get to know the vast world of CROSSFIRE and use our storytelling skills to create new CROSSFIRE single-player experiences. The quality of the story mode we’ve developed, the excellent working relationship with Smilegate, and the high motivation of our CROSSFIRE development team make us really happy to continue our strong partnership.”

For XBOX Game Pass owners, there will also be additional content, details of which will be revealed closer to the time. 


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