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9th June 2019
Countdown to E3 2019
[Events, Community Meet-Ups & Exhibitions]

While E3 is still days away, so many people and companies have been talking about their plans for this event! So, before the doors officially open on Tuesday, we wanted to write a little recap of some of the things taking place at the Los Angeles Convention Centre next week.

Hands-On With Control

If you're interested in trying Control's playable demo at the show, make to sure to send Nelstar (505Games' Influencer Relations) a quick message. A little while ago he tweeted that there were still a few places remaining at the show, so you might get lucky!

Little is known about the build being shown next week E3; we know that it's the Directorial Override mission that was previously shown to press last month, but from write-ups, their playthroughs lasted approximately an hour; that may change due to time constraints on the show floor.

We do know that it's going to be slightly different though; tweeting a little while back, Thomas Puha (Communications Director) stated "we are gonna have an updated build of Control for #E32019. It's the same Directorial Override Mission we've let folks play but with some nice tweaks and optimisations which are coming every day."

If you get to play the game at the show, let us know!

New Control Merchandise

With the new event, there's also some new merchandise! Look out for the new Control t-shirts on the show floor:

Control at E3 Coliseum

505Games and Remedy will also be talking about Control on the E3 Coliseum stage on Thursday 13th June at 1:30pm. The schedule write up has some interesting teasers including "special guests" so keep an eye out! At present we don't have livestream information but we'll let you know closer to the date.

Need a Breather?

E3 can be a fun event but it can also be extremely taxing. If you're at the show and you need a break or a quick breather, make sure to check out the Take This booth. It's a wonderful organisation which aims to make the industry better by providing supportive and informative mental health advice.

Hang Out With Amelia Rose Blaire-Dechart & Bryan Dechart

Amelia Rose Blaire-Dechart (Amy in Quantum Break) and Bryan Dechart (Connor in Detroit: Beyond Human) will be at E3! Recently the couple did a quick call out especially for indie and studio game developers at the show. If that applies to you and you're interested in a meetup, message them using the email address below:

Into The Pixel Art Exhibit

And finally, running alongside E3 is the Into The Pixel art exhibit. This year, the jurors picked eleven pieces, two of which were Control-themed artwork, including a rather awesome piece by Remedy's Senior Concept Artist, Oliver Ömark! Check out the full list of winners and their art, HERE.


The Control Series

The Crossfire Series

The Quantum Break Series

The Alan Wake Series

The Max Payne Series




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