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10th June 2019
Pre-E3 2019 Wrap Up [Day #0] UPDATED!
CROSSFIRE X, First E3 Interviews, and Booth Teasers

Even though E3 officially kicks off tomorrow, there's already been quite a bit of pre-event goodness already including some surprise reveals, booth teases, the first few Control interviews for E3 2019.

We're in store for a busy week, especially as Remedy's next game launches in just three months! Right now though, as the official opening creeps ever closer, we're seeing the initial rumblings of the content that will be released in the week ahead:

First of all, A New Announcement...

In a surprise announcement at last night's XBOX E3 Media Briefing, XBOX Head, Phil Spencer announced a new partnership with Seoul-based developer and publisher, Smilegate. The result of the partnership sees their upcoming game, CROSSFIRE X, launch on the XBOX One in 2020, marking the first console launch for the series.

In a follow-up blog post published on the XBOX website, Sooro Boo (Executive Producer at Smilegate) revealed that their collaboration with Remedy will see new gameplay modes added to the title.

The announcement during the briefing also gave gamers the first glimpse at CROSSFIRE X, and it looks fantastic! Check it out below:

[Added 10/6 at 23:32 BST] Following the announcement, Yle spoke to Remedy's Investor & Talent Relations, Lauri Haavisto, about the studio's collaboration with Smilegate. You can read the full article (in Finnish) HERE

[Added 11/6 at 00:54 BST] At the event, Major Nelson spoke to Sooro Boo (Executive Producer at Smilegate) and Nico Bihary (Director at Microsoft Global Games Publishing) during the Inside XBOX livestream about Crossfire X and what fans can expect from the upcoming title. You can watch HERE. [Updated with timestamped livestream]

The First Control Interviews For E3 2019...

Yesterday afternoon, Brooke Maggs (Narrative Designer at Remedy) and Mikael Kasurinen (Game Director at Remedy) took to the stage at E3 Live to talk about Jesse's debut adventure.

The two went in depth into Jesse's backstory including family history, her motivations, and her journey as Director of the FBC. For those looking to avoid minor spoilers ahead of the game's launch, you may want to steer clear but if you're eager to learn more about the title, definitely check it out! You can watch the full E3 Live interview, HERE

[Added 11/6 at 12:12 BST] In addition to E3 Live, Brooke and Mikael were also interviewed in Twitch's own event livestream. Similar to the previous interview, more details about Jesse's backstory and motivations were explored, as we saw new gameplay footage. So if you are avoiding spoilers about the main game and side missions, again you might want to steer clear but if you're more relaxed about them, you can watch the full Twitch interview, HERE

Some Early Booth Teasers...

While 505Games are legally-bound by E3 rules to not photograph the show floor, even their own section of it, they did provide some teasers about what visitors could expect to see at it.

[Added 11/6 at 0:45 BST] Including this welcome to the expo:

We know that Control will be playable at the event, and that the publishers were collecting appointments ahead of the show's opening, but whether the appointments will be taking place behind closed doors (similar to Gamescom), on the show floor (like PAX East) or a mix of the two is currently unknown, but we're excited to see the booth in action when the ban on photos gets lifted tomorrow!

Some Information & Dates To Note...
  • Following a "special guest" tease on the website, it's now been revealed that Courtney Hope will be attending the Control E3 Coliseum panel on Thursday. (Source: Courtney Hope / E3 Coliseum)
  • The art exhibition, Into The Pixel, will be showcasing two special pieces of Control artwork this week. If you're at the Los Angeles Convention Centre make sure to check it out! (Source: Into The Pixel)
  • On Tuesday 11th, all eleven pieces of artwork from the Into The Pixel exhibition goes up for auction via Ebay. (Source: Into The Pixel)


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