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27th June 2019
New Inderes Interview with Tero Virtala (in Finnish)

Last week, analyst Atte Országola interviewed Remedy's CEO, Tero Virtala for Inderes' YouTube channel, InderesTV.

In their conversation, they discussed a number of topics impacting the studio in the coming months ranging from Control's release (including the time-exclusivity for the PC edition in collaboration with the Epic Store) to the developer's involvement with the Crossfire series.

The eleven-minute video was posted in its entirety on the Inderes YouTube channel, with the interview conducted in Finnish. You can watch the conversation below:

Kysymykset kellotettuna:
00:10 Minkälaista palautetta Control-peli on saanut?
02:20 Miksi Control julkaistaan PC:llä yksinoikeudella Epic Storessa?
04:40 Viimeisimmät kuulumiset Crossfiren saralla?
05:40 Entä kolmas projekti ja Vanguard?
07:35 Miltä näyttää Remedyn strategia lähivuosina?
Source: Inderes' Remedyn kuulumiset ennen H-hetkeä video

Questions Timing:
00:10 What kind of reception has the game, Control, received?
02:20 Why is the PC version of Control released as an exclusive to Epic Store?
04:40 What is the latest news about the Crossfire series?
05:40 What about the third project and Vanguard?
07:35 What will Remedy's strategy look like in the next few years?


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