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13th June 2019
Happy First Anniversary to the Control Community Wiki!

With E3 taking place this week, it's been a mad rush finding all of the new Control and Crossfire X articles, but today I wanted to take a timeout to congratulate one of the pillars in the community who celebrated their first anniversary yesterday! Happy Anniversary, Control Wiki.

A year ago yesterday, the PlayStation Media Briefing showcased the first look at Remedy's upcoming title, Control. In addition to a wave of applause and cheers at the show, the internet seemed to go crazy for it, and inspired fans to group together to form the first Control-dedicated community hub. The new hub would be a library filled with the latest information, broken down into different topics in a way that was approachable and a useful resource to the community.

Originally founded by jackkmart, (in addition to the Federal Bureau of Control Discord server and Control Reddit channel), the Wiki is now run by admin, Holly Nightmare, an amazing and wonderful fan who was also our Community Spotlight for last December. They began to build up the website's extensive library, forming it into the resource we know today.

Today there are 57 pages filled with extensively researched information about the game, and totalling a total of 1,927 edits. It's an amazing community project and delightfully nerdy.

Congratulations to Holly and the team on the milestone, and Happy Anniversary Control Wiki!


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