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13th June 2019
E3 2019 Wrap Up [Day #3] UPDATED
Final Day, E3 Coliseum, & New Awards

Today marks the third and final day of E3 2019!  It's been a big week for the team, with an ever-growing award and nomination board, and a long list of new interviews and meetings with media and influencers. This week saw a new embargo lifted, revealing a layer of never-before-seen content including brand new gameplay footage.

With new special guests, more interviews, more previews, and more awards, here's the wrap-up for day three of E3:

E3 Coliseum... 

This afternoon, Courtney Hope (Lead Actor) joined Mikael Kasurinen (Game Director) and Brooke Maggs (Narrative Designer) on the E3 Coliseum stage to talk about what it was like to portray Remedy's first lead heroine. The panel was hosted by Alanah Pearce who questioned the developers about Jesse's backstory, how Remedy chose their cast, and about navigating the shifting environment of the FBC.

In the closing few moments, a new clip was also shown to the audience, revealing the importance that past events have had on Jesse's life and her goals, in an emotive scene. 

If you missed it or want to rewatch the talk, check out the video below: 


Today's content mainly centred around new previews, with a number of publications reviewing what they thought about their hour-long demo. This included Tom's Hardware who described that Jesse's powers and abilities led to him feeling "like a superhero"! You can read the full write-up, HERE

BleedingCool's preview was soon to follow, with Madeline Ricchiuto describing her demo as "strange, intriguing, and absolutely stunning". The passion for the preview definitely comes through in the piece. You can read the full report, HERE.

In addition to written pieces, there were also vlogs made by Rocket Beans TV Gaming (German),  a discussion about Control (in addition to other titles and show experience) by Outside XBOX (English), and a review by M3 - Sveriges Prylsajt (Swedish).

[Added 14/6 at 15:36] After writing for, Matt Hopkins has a new article on Kotaku explaining why he "can't stop thinking about Control" with a breakdown of Jesse's powers and her service weapon. You can read his full preview, HERE

[Added 14/6 at 15:40] PlayStation Lifestyle also posted their preview of Control calling the game "beautiful" but also highlighting the sections which the studio will be focusing on smoothing before its launch in August. Despite a critical eye, they do say that the title has the "potential to be an absolutely incredible adventure" You can read their demo review, HERE


[Added 14/6 at 13:46] Wrapping up E3, Brooke Maggs (Narrative Designer) joined the Giant Bomb livestream as they closed their week-long broadcast by focusing on 12 Minutes, Journey To A Savage Planet, and Control with guests Luis Antonio (12 Minutes) and Alex Hutchinson (Typhoon Studios). The discussion was hosted by Jeff Gerstmann. You can watch the full interview, HERE

New Awards...

Last night, we wrote that Control was awarded a "Best of E3" award from Gamespot! Later that evening two more additions were added before doors closed. And today? Well, today saw a huge wave of new awards and nominations rolling in!

Control was nominated for three awards: Game Informer's Best In Show E3 2019, IGN's Best of E3, and AusGamer's Best of E3.

On top of the nominations, the game also claimed a number of awards including Gamespot's Best of E3, BitMe's Editor's Choice, GamesVillage's Best New IP, Gamerheadquarter's Best PC, Press Start Best of E3 2019, Ars Technica's Best of E3 2019, UltimaGame's Star of the Show, TechRaptor's Best of E3 2019, Mashable's Best of E3 2019, New Game Network's Best of E3, and Eurogamer's Editor's Choice Award.

(There were also two awards on the board which we couldn't quite make out, but we'll try to track those down.)

[Added 14/6 at 15:25] In their post-E3 article, Ars Technica named Control one of the best games that they saw at the show, praising the title for its "jaw-dropping visuals, dimension-shifting weirdness, and telekinetic superpowers". You can read the full line up, HERE.

Photos from the Show Floor...

As events were wrapping up, there weren't as many photographs from the show floor or 505 Booth, but we did get a selection of lovely photos from another familiar face for the community! This week, there was Shawn Ashmore and Courtney Hope at the event, but today the wonderful Amelia Rose Blaire-Dechart and fellow actor Bryan Dechart was at the show, trying out games and snapping away:

[Added 14/6 at 13:46] Overnight more photos were posted of the Control booth, including the preview room, a space we didn't see much of online but was filled with game artwork and props.


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