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12th June 2019
E3 2019 Wrap Up [Day #2] UPDATED
Japan's Launch Details, New Interviews & First E3 Awards

Day two is now wrapping up, marking the halfway point to E3 2019! It's possibly been the biggest day of the event so far for Control with even more interviews, previews, and announcements rolling out. Control also received their first award of the show this year from Gamespot for "Best of E3"!

And tomorrow promises to be even crazier with Remedy developers and some special guests taking to the E3 Coliseum stage at 21:30 BST (20:30 GMT / 13:30 PDT)! If you want to watch it live, make sure to check out THIS link.

In the meantime, here is everything that happened on day two of E3 2019:

Control's Japanese Edition Announced...

Today, PlayStation Japan announced the first details for the Japanese edition of Control! The game will launch in "autumn 2019" (with a more fixed date to be announced closer to the time), and will be published by Marvelous. You can read the full blog post, HERE

There's also a localised version of the Control website, created for the Japanese launch, which is now live. You can check out the new website, HERE. The publishing system is quite different from other versions, especially as it seems as though the game will launch exclusively on the PlayStation 4 in Japan.

Interview and Previews...

With a new day, came a new series of press interviews and previews. Today we saw new interviews being posted online with Brooke Maggs (Narrative Designer), Sam Lake (Creative Director), Mikael Kasurinen (Game Director), and Thomas Puha (Communications Director)

Recently LADBible spoke to Mikael and Brook to delve deeper into The Oldest House and the mysteries inside it. The article also includes a four-minute video from GAMINGBible detailing the five things that they particularly loved about their preview. Check out their full report, HERE

Mikael and Thomas joined Max Scoville and Ryan McCaffery on the IGN Live stage this afternoon in a fifteen-minute-long interview. In their interview, they discussed the game's iconic look, Jesse's arsenal of powers, and the feel of isolation. You can watch the full interview, HERE

This morning, Mikael and Thomas took to the Gamespot stage to discuss the studio's influences as they began work on Control, Jesse's motivations, and the story's depth.  Watch the Gamespot interview, HERE.

[Added 13/6 at 13:37 BST] During the evening, Sam Lake visited the Game Informer livestream to talk about Control. It's a different setup to other broadcasts as Sam joins a number of other developers working on Lone Echo 2, Baldur's Gate 3 and The Outer Worlds, in a quieter and more intimate discussion. You can watch the full hour-long segment, HERE

[Added 13/6 at 14:18 BST] At the show, Twinfinite sat down with Brooke and Mikael to talk about the studio's atmosphere so close to launch and the narrative structure of Control. You can read the full piece, HERE

If you're interested in seeing more Control gameplay, YouTube channel, GameplayOnly has twenty-seven minutes of gameplay featuring Ahti and Arish in 1080p. You can see the full video, HERE.

[Added 13/6 at 14:15 BST] Overnight Gamespot has uploaded an eighteen-minute demo of Control featuring the game's shifty janitor, Ahti and a step into the Astral Plane. You can watch the demo, HERE

[Added 13/6 at 14:03 BST] Overnight we've had a selection of new Control previews being posted including one from Eurogamer who states that "after an hour playing it, Control seems extraordinary". You can read their full report, HERE

[Added 13/6 at 14:21 BST] Another preview added overnight is by Engadget who details their exploration into the third chapter of Control, "an hour-long slice of the game". You can read what they had to say, HERE

First Award(s) of E3 2019...

This afternoon, Remedy and 505Games were gifted with their first official award of E3 2019. The award comes from Gamespot who named Control the "Best of E3"! 2019 marks the second year in a row that they've been given an award by the website. Below are a series of photos posted on the Remedy and Control Twitter channels celebrating the achievement.

[Added 13/6 at 13:50 BST] Later in the evening, two more awards were added to the Control board, including "Best of E3" from Ars Technica, "Best of E3" from Press Start AU, and "Best of E3" nomination from IGN.

Photos From The Showfloor...

Keeping with tradition, we have a selection of new photos from the show floor, including a nice shot of the very sleek-looking 505Games press lounge. Now, how did they carry all those sofas there?


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