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11th June 2019
E3 2019 Wrap Up [Day #1] UPDATED
Event Doors Open, New RTX Trailer, and New Interviews

E3 has officially started, bringing in a wave of new Control impressions, interviews, and gameplay footage! Photographs from the show floor have also been coming in with attendees greeted by a giant poster featuring Remedy's first heroine.

It's been a pretty busy day, with even more live interviews and panels scheduled for the coming days!

Here's everything that happened on the first official day of E3 2019:

New GeForce RTX Control Trailer...

Today, Nvidia launched a new Control trailer showcasing the power of the GeForce RTX. The demo is just over a minute long and shows the comparisons between playing the game with RTX on and playing it with RTX off. With it on, shadows are crisper, reflections are clearer, and light is even more dynamic. You can see the full demo below:

- In addition to the video, Polygon's Samit Sarkar has written an extensive breakdown about what ray-tracing is, how it works, and how it can improve your gameplay experience. You can read the in-depth piece on Polygon, HERE

- Nvidia's Andrew Burnes also wrote an article to coincide to the start of E3, detailing all of the initial games to feature ray-tracing including ControlCyberpunk 2077, Watch Dogs: Legion, Wolfenstein: Youngblood, Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2 and more. Check out their blog post to read how they're improving the look of Control on PC and what other games will be supported, HERE

New Interviews and Previews...

While we haven't seen many interviews online from E3 today, the embargo lifted on the pre-show interviews which took place last month at press events in London and Santa Monica.

Starting the day, there was VG247's interview with Brooke Maggs (Narrative Designer), Mikael Kasurinen (Game Director), and Thomas Puha (Communications Director). In the piece, the trio talked about Jesse's backstory, as well as how the gameplay and combat evolve throughout the game, and how Jesse adapts to her role as the Director. You can read the full piece, HERE

There were also more interviews with both Brooke and Mikael with international media including the Spanish magazine, Hobby Consolas, and Italian gaming website,!

[Added 12/6 at 14:35 BST] Overnight, more interviews were posted online, including a new piece by IGN [Italy] who spoke to both Brooke and Mikael and tried the PC RTX-enabled version of Control. You can read their full report, HERE

[Added 12/6 at 14:44 BST]  Greece-based gaming website, Unboxaholics also posted their Control report last night which includes an interview with Brooke and Mikael, plus new gameplay footage. While the video introduction and article is in Greek, the interview itself is in English. You can check out their on-site report, HERE

[Added 12/6 at 14:47 BST] On the preview side of things, Matt Hopkins from got the opportunity to play Control as the doors opened at E3. As a passionate Remedy fan, he described their latest adventure as the "beautiful, paranormal child of Max Payne and Alan Wake" which is very okay with us! Check out his full preview on, HERE.

Into The Pixel Art Exhibit...

If you're at the Los Angeles Convention Centre this year, you can check out the Into The Pixel art exhibit, which is running alongside E3! The showcase is taking place in the Concourse Hall near the West Hall entrance.

Two pieces of gorgeous Control artwork are being displayed there. The first is called The Hub, an in-game screenshot (and only screenshot selected in the line-up) credited to Remedy's Art Department. The second piece is entitled Mold-1 by Oliver Γ–dmark (Senior Concept Artist at Remedy); a previously unseen piece of concept artwork.

If you're interested in owning one of the pieces from the show, the Into The Pixel auction has now gone live on Ebay! The starting price for each display in $450, with the proceeds going towards the AIAS Foundation which aims to "advance a sustainable, inclusive worldwide interactive entertainment community through education, professional development, and collaboration. You can find out more about the auction, HERE

Win Merchandise...

If you're at the show, there are two ways to get your hands on some very-nice-looking Control merchandise!

1) After the demo. Special branding clothing is being given to those who check out the game at 505Games' behind-closed-doors booth. This gentleman has a snap-back hat!

2) Enter 505's E3 Competition. If you don't have access to the publisher's hidden booth but you're at the event, you can also enter a competition to win a Control t-shirt. Just make your way to the West Entrance, snap your photo with the Control banner in the foyer, and post on Twitter with the hashtags #ControlRemedy and #E32019, for a chance to win!

A Familiar Face...

Shawn Ashmore (Jack Joyce in Quantum Break) was at the show today to talk about his latest game, Man of Medan by Supermassive Games, the developer behind Until Dawn!

He took to the E3 Coliseum stage this afternoon with Tom Heaton (Man of Medan's Producer) to talk about the character of Conrad, the motion capture experience, and what fans can expect from the game. Man of Medan is an episodic title, with the first part due for launch on August 30th 2019, just three days after Control! I know that there's a lot of Remedy fans who are interested in the game, so if you're interested in learning more, check out the E3 Coliseum talk, HERE.

Photos from the Show Floor...

The week is still young so we haven't yet got a full glimpse of the Control section of E3, especially as demos are taking place behind closed doors, according to the recent Nvidia blog post. But there have been a few photos posted online, giving fans who can't make it to the show a little taste of what it's like.

If you have Instagram, make sure to also follow Courtney Hope as she's also in attendance at the show this year with interviews planned over the coming week. She's also vlogging from the show floor via her Stories. You can follow her on Instagram, HERE

[Added 12/6 at 03:29 BST] To celebrate the end of day one, both Courtney Hope and Remedy have posted a selection of photos from around the convention centre and at the Control booth, including some amazing looking posters and advertisements dotted around the foyer. Take a look at them below:


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