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29th April 2019
PayneReactor Celebrates 20th Anniversary With Signed Quantum Break Poster Giveaway

Fellow fansite, PayneReactor celebrated their twentieth anniversary earlier in the year, and to commemorate the milestone, they asked Remedy and Rockstar to help with a special giveaway! The former got back, delivering to Patrick a series of goodies for himself for the anniversary plus a Quantum Break poster signed by the game's development team to give away.

The prize is a movie-style poster, printed in May 2016 and was part of a limited edition run. Measuring 18" by 24", the artwork features the original Monarch logo featured in the trailers and in early artwork. For the giveaway, a number of Quantum Break developers signed the poster to make it extra special, in complementary metallic silver.

The giveaway will last for the next seven days and there are a number of ways to enter!

Entries are collected via the Gleam app on Patrick's site, in which completing one task will award the visitor an entry. Tasks include visiting the PayneReactor site, as well as following Patrick across a number of social media pages including Twitch, Twitter and YouTube.  For more details and to enter, check out the giveaway, HERE


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