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30th April 2019
International Control Press Tour / Part 2
[Reports From Spain and Italy] Updated 13/5

This week, Control's marketing team showcased their upcoming game to members of the press as they continued their international tour to Spain and Italy.

Over the past month, representatives at Remedy have travelled to California (USA), Boston (USA), Dubrovnik (Croatia), Helsinki (Finland), London (England), Paris (France) and Hamburg (Germany) and, as of this week, Madrid (Spain) and Milan (Italy). For reports and previews from the first leg of their tour, check out our previous wrap up post, HERE.

While this isn't a complete list yet, more articles and interviews from their latest demos will be added as soon as they're posted or found.

Here's everything we know so far:

29th April - Madrid, Spain

Impresiones de Control, el juego de acción paranormal de Remedy
Avance y primeras impresiones de Control, el nuevo juego de Remedy

30th April -  Milan, Italy


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