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28th April 2019
Remedy Dev Day 2019 [Details & Photos]

Remedy was back again with another Remedy Dev Day; an internal developer conference which allows all employees to attend a gaming expo without the need for international travel or personal expenditure.

Throughout the day, eight speakers took to the stage including Anders Holmouist (Technical Director at Sharkmob), Przemysław Marszał (Art Director at 11 Bit Studios), Rodrigo Santoro (Open World Director at Ubisoft Massive), Jaren Peterson (Senior Animation Programmer at Epic Games), Jónas Antonsson (Chief Everything Officer at Raw Fury), Lars Bakken (Design Lead at Bungie), Michael Gill (Producer at Coldwood Interactive), and Joshua Baldwin (Lead Designer at Coldwood Interactive).

Interested to learn how the event is put together? Following last year's event, the studio's Communications Director, Thomas Puha, wrote a guest article for detailing the process for setting up the event and why the studio views the occasion as an important day. You can check out his article on the GI site, HERE.

Photos and tweets from the Remedy Dev Day 2019:

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