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19th March 2019
Nvidia Teases Control PC Capabilities with new RTX Gameplay Demo
Plus New Screenshot

Earlier in the week, Nvidia released a brief gameplay demo showcasing how the GeForce RTX Real-Time Ray Tracing will improve visuals for Control.

The new gameplay was posted in a blogpost on the Nvidia website, which also featured a selection of other games supported by the RTX, due for arrival in the coming months. The new two-minute-long visual comparison takes place at the FBC’s Central Research division and showcases Indirect Diffuse (bounced light), Indirect Specular (bounced images e.g mirrors), and Contract Shadow (overlapping shadows).

RTX Ray Tracing support for Control was first announced back in August 2018, following the Nvidia Gamescom Briefing. You can read the full press release, HERE.

While Game Informer recently narrowed down the release date to Summer 2019, Nvidia has now revealed that it will be out in Late Summer. (Which also implies that Control will be a focus at E3 this year).

Some New Things We Learnt From The Demo:

Story. While the demo was brief, the mini-tour of the Central Research foyer included an example of how Remedy has implemented its live-action elements. Featured for the first time was an in-game look at Matthew Porretta’s character, Dr Casper Darling. As Jesse walks into the Central Research, an introductory video appears welcoming her to the department and giving additional insight into his character. Appearing on the screen, Darling comes across as unsure and uneasy in front of the camera but clearly an expert in his field as he comments that he has been with the FBC for twenty-four years. We also learnt another agent name, Marshall, who is stationed in parapsychology.

Combat. The brief demo also showcased some of the explosive combat that Control has prided itself on, including environmental destruction and the effortless blend of Jesse's powers in a fighting scenario.

The Setting. We know that there are a number of different environments and settings throughout the FBC from the Game Informer teasers, and while the Central Research foyer doesn't show anything new in terms of that, it does wonderfully mix the brutalist concrete sharp-edged look with nature. In the centre of the foyer, a tree (possibly Coast Redwood?) gives life to the area and is highlighted by what looks to be a skylight.


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