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20th March 2019
PC Edition of Control To Be Sold On The Epic Store
[Update! Reports of Timed Exclusivity for the Epic Store Before Steam Release]

In their keynote today, Epic Games revealed a new series of games coming to their store, including Remedy's upcoming title, Control.

While coming to the Epic Store, Control is also set to be released on Steam, a platform announced last year. At present, neither Remedy or 505Games have directly mentioned that it will be an Epic Store-exclusive, and product information is still on the Steam store. While the Epic Store's exclusivity was a cause for concern for some PC owners in the community, at present it looks to be released on both platforms and is up to player preference. Epic has also set up a twelve month-exclusivity deal with a number of developers, so it's possible that it will be initially available at launch for Epic and a year later for Steam (thank you for the tip, @GavinUK86!) The store teases that it will have more information soon; if new details on Control emerge, we'll let you know!

We've reached out to The Epic Store and Remedy/505Games for a clarification on the exclusivity.

[Update #1: While there's still been no public comment from Remedy, 505Games, or the Epic Store yet. A number of publications including VG24/7, DualShockers, The Verge, and Polygon have announced that the game will be a timed exclusive title to Epic. This means Control is expected to be launched on the Epic Store initially, and then come to Steam at a later date, approximately a year later. 21/3/2019 10:13 GMT]

The Epic Store was announced back in December 2018, with the goal of shaking up royalties for game developers by offering a better split than its competitors. Developers earn 88% of each purchase, with Epic getting a slice of 12%, a better deal compared to Steam which takes 30% (the exact number will depend on sales). By purchasing titles via The Epic Store, more of your money goes towards the developers you love rather than the platform that host the games.

Other games announced to come to the Epic Store include: Heavy Rain (Quantic Dream), Beyond Two Souls (Quantic Dream), Detriot Become Human (Quantic Dream), Spellbreak (Proletariat Inc), Division 2 (Ubisoft), The Cycle (Yager), The Outer Worlds (Obsidian Entertainment Inc / Private Division), Satisfactory (Coffee Stain Studio), Dauntless (Phoenix Labs), Afterparty (Night School Studio), Phoenix Point (Snapshot Games), The Sinking City (Frogwares / BigBen Interactive), and Industries of Titan (Brace Yourself Games).

Source: Game Informer / Epic


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