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10th March 2019
International Women's Day 2019 Wrap-Up

International Women's Day has been celebrated yearly, in some form or another, since 1909. It found its home on 8th of March in 1910 and was later adopted by the United Nations in 1975. Originally a political movement, it's now a day to commemorate inclusivity and the achievements of women across the globe and to reflect on how far we've come and how we have to go in the pursuit of equality.

Below is a collection of articles, tweets and Instagram posts published by studios, actors and the community to celebrate the occasion: 

👉🏻👉🏻 SWIPE to read my thoughts on strong women and loving yourself! ✨💄🥰 ———————————————— 💥Happy international women’s day to all the badass, loving women out there! ❤️🙌🏼 ———————————————— (Swipe to read) 👉🏻 International women’s day for me is everyday. I don’t believe we need just one day to dedicate to women supporting women, men supporting women and most importantly WOMEN SUPPORTING THEMSELVES. I think we should aim at celebrating women’s achievements and having a greater awareness of discrimination regardless of whether the calendar dictates. BUT with that said TODAY is international women’s day and I understand the history, so in honor of all we’ve accomplished I would like to share briefly what it means for me to be a women and how that’s come about. I’ve always been a very open individual. Someone who isn’t modest, loves movement, loves the body and the mind, loves conversation and interaction, loves physical affection, loves to dream, loves to speak my mind, loves to be proud of what I’ve worked hard for, loves to fight for what’s right, and loves to surround myself with those that love and support me and vice versa. As that individual, as a woman individual, there are certain societal rules, even rules within my own family and religion, that have challenged my core initial response system to certain situations. I’ve also been the individual who doesn’t like fitting into a mold, in fact I HATE the mold, sometimes to other people’s dismay. What I’ve learned is we’re all human beings, regardless of gender, that are fighting to be loved, heard, seen and respected. Honoring my true self and finding those around me who honor my true self, have allowed me to develop into my most CONFIDENT self, which is what I believe being a women (and a human) is all about. We can accomplish anything if we’re confident, educated and dedicated enough. But we can’t do it if we allow other people’s negative mindset and fears dampen our dreams. I’ve been scorned by some strong women and some strong men, and I’ve picked up from being down by some strong women and some strong men. I finally had to understand which voices ..((((SWIPE)))
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