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10th March 2019
Game Informer Breakdowns Jesse's Powers
[Game Informer Coverage] Includes Summary

As a pre-weekend treat, Game Informer published their fourth piece of exclusive Control coverage, this time breaking down Jesse's supernatural powers!

The new feature has a written breakdown of the powers, a demonstration of Jesse performing each one in-game, and an interview with Game Director, Mikael Kasurinen.

Following their Control-themed April cover reveal, Game Informer is dedicating the following month to the game with exclusives, interviews and new footage being released throughout March. The latest issue is out now and is available to download or buy (if you're in the US) as a physical magazine. For more details on the magazine visit the subscription page, HERE.

As with our previous coverage, we have a breakdown of new details released about Control in the latest feature. Of course, if you have time, you should check out their article in full as there's a clear report on all powers plus a nice interview with Mikael. Check it out, HERE!

Our Breakdown: In addition to her new service weapon, a gun that is capable of numerous transformations, Jesse also possesses a number of supernatural powers, a topic focused on in today's exclusive coverage on the Game Informer website.

GI has revealed that Jesse will obtain seven powers throughout Control; Melee, Launch (telekinesis), Levitate, Evade (similar to Quantum Break's time dodge), Ground Slam, Shield (telepathy), and Seize. Remedy's approach to these powers focused on Jesse having "grounded" abilities that will impact the environment around her. For instance, Shield will pull rubble and items towards her to create a protective barrier. Launch will also rip items out of the walls, creating new openings for Jesse to explore. Similarly, Levitate will enable the player to reach new areas of the FBC building.  Remedy's approach to the powers also takes on a "sandbox feel to the combat" allowing the player to combine a number of abilities at once.

As touched on in previous GI articles, Jesse will obtain each power after proving her worthiness in the Astral Plane, which acts as both a boss battle and tutorial for each new skill. Although little has been discussed about the Astral Plane, today it was revealed that in obtaining the Seize power, Jesse will encounter new enemies who are impervious to bullet or any of Jesse's other abilities, forcing her to adopt a new tactic.

The interview is one of the first to discuss the various enemy behaviours and types in Control. In their upcoming adventure, Remedy has an enemy who will heal other Hiss creatures in the area. If Jesse uses Seize over these individuals, they will turn their attention to follow the protagonist, healing her for a limited time.


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