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11th March 2019
Game Informer Looks at Innovations In Control's Gameplay
[Game Informer Coverage] Includes Summary

In a new article, Game Informer looks at how Control's gameplay differs from Remedy's previous work.

The new feature is written by Elise Favis and includes an interview with Mikael Kasurinen (Game Director), in addition to showcasing new screenshots exclusive to the publication.

Following their Control-themed April cover reveal, Game Informer is dedicating the following month to the game with exclusives, interviews and new footage being released throughout March. The latest issue is out now and is available to download or buy (if you're in the US) as a physical magazine. For more details on the magazine visit the subscription page, HERE.

As with our previous coverage, we have a breakdown of new details released about Control in the latest feature. Of course, if you have time, you should check out their article in full, HERE!

Our Breakdown: The main ways in which Control's gameplay differs from its predecessors is in its revamped AI, its destructible environments and its combat. 

With the game's AI, the Northlight team has completely revamped the system (now called "Encounter Director") which sees the studio move away from scheduled encounters to more spontaneous events with the difficulty determined by the player's progress.

There's also a new approach to the level of environmental destruction, which sees concrete, wood, glass and steel break realistically, Jesse can use the items around her to her advantage; throwing a truck or a tripod at a nearby enemy. Selectable objects are indicated by a subtle highlight which doesn't detract from the game.

Another topic addressed in the article is the enemy variety, three of which were specifically addressed in the new piece.  1) Some creatures, only at the start of their transformation, are restricted to ground combat and are more humanoid compared to other enemies that Jesse will face. 2) A new enemy type that we are introduced to in the new feature is the Hiss Clusters, which are described as "glowing red spheres that continuously heal enemies", it's recommended that these clusters are taken out first given their abilities to affect a fair fight. 3) One of the creatures found in the Astral Plane is the Astral Spike, a giant spikey ball that moves and behaves with almost glitch-like unpredictability.

Jesse's abilities in these combat sequences were described by Elise as being the "most fluid and dynamic combat we've seen yet from Remedy", with the service weapon's state changable with a tap of one button, and  Jesse being able to adapt on the fly. While the mapped buttons were well-received by the Game Informer team, they confirmed that they can be changed.

The article also expanded further on Jesse's levitation powers. While we knew that she would be able to use the power to investigate new areas, it was revealed today that throughout the game, she would be increasing her security clearance to reach into the more confidential sections of the FBC.


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