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18th January 2019
Hideo Kojima Visits the New Remedy Studio

If you checked out Twitter or the Remedy community yesterday, chances are that you'd heard that Hideo Kojima visited the new offices.

The Control and Remedy channels were buzzing with almost-constant photos and posts documenting the visit. So, it's safe to say that the developers were pretty excited about hosting both the Kojima Productions team and Apocalyptica.

The trip to the Remedy offices came following Kojima's visit to the Guerrilla Games offices in Amsterdam (Netherlands), as his latest project, Death Stranding, is being developed using Guerrilla's Decima Engine.

A little about Hideo Kojima. Kojima is a big name in the games industry and has held the role of designer, writer, director and producer. He was hired at the age of just twenty three by Konami back in 1986 where he worked on a number of series, the most successful of which was the Metal Gear Solid series. After almost three decades at the company and holding the position of vice president, he announced his departure after a controversial relationship with Konami. In December 2015, he broke off his company, Kojima Productions, from Konami with the now-independent studio and began work on their latest title, Death Stranding.

For more information, both PayneReactor and Pelaaja, who have done a brilliant job wrapping up the visit! 


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