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20th January 2019
Machinima Removes All Content Including The Bright Falls Webseries & WTBF?! What The Bright Falls

Today, YouTube channel, Machinima, unexpectedly erased their entire catalog of videos, following the company's merger with Otter Media.

For Remedy fans, it means that the entire series of Bright Falls (all six episodes) have been taken down, in addition to Machinima's WTBF?! What The Bright Falls series, hosted by Sark, Hutch, and Rob, who analysed the events of each episode.

The Bright Falls webseries was created by XBOX as a prequel and as advertising for Alan Wake, released in the lead up to the game's launch. Episodes were released on XBOX 360 and YouTube via Machinima, the latter also hosting a complementary breakdown series.

So what happened? Machinima announced a merger with Otter Media in December 2018. The channel, which currently holds over 12.4 million subscribers, moved their content creators to Fullscreen but things doesn't seem to be smooth sailing with several creators reporting their contracts suddenly ending after the merger. The uncertainty over the channel's future continues with a decade's worth of content removed seemingly overnight from their YouTube channel.

A spokesperson for the company made a statement to Kotaku hinting at a new start for the brand: "We are focused on creating new content with the Machinima team, which will be distributed on new channels to be announced in the coming months.". You can read the full report at Kotaku, HERE.

Watching Bright Falls. While the WTBF?! What The Bright Falls episodes may unfortunately be gone with the deletion of the channel's videos, the original Bright Falls videos can still be watched elsewhere. In addition to a number of YouTube channels hosting the content (for instance FAIR/PLAY), XBOX owners (both 360 and One) can download a SD or HD version of the series through the Microsoft site, HERE.

Source: Kotaku, Destructoid


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