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18th December 2018
Community Focus: Rm_ilo's Gorgeous Festive Commission
[Advent Calendar 2018]

In the lead up to Christmas, I wanted to spotlight some amazing artists in the community who have created some gorgeous and festive Remedy artwork over the years.  For our final, advent calendar community highlight, we have the lovely Rm_ilo!

This year we collaborated with another wonderful artist, this time based in Russia. Her name is Rm_ilo, and she has been such a welcoming and active artist in the Remedy community for several years now, posting regular pieces of beautiful Quantum Break and Control artwork. Her incredible artwork has evolved a lot over the years and with different techniques, but this past year, she latched onto a specific look as her iconic and personal style.

Before approaching her about the commission, there was a specific piece which I fell in love with instantly and routinely went back to as I drafted an email to her. The piece in question was posted in June and featured Jack Joyce standing side by side with Jesse Faden. I loved the sharpness of Jesse's features and the wavey hair; she looked absolutely badass.

Rm_ilo very kindly took on the project, and I described the general design I was hoping for; essentially it was "Jesse Faden with a Christmassy twist" something like a Santa hat or a twist to make it festive. A little while later, I got back three incredible sketches and as I picked my favourite one, she got to work while I sent her the commission money across and waited eagerly for the final image.

The previous year, I contacted Rudy (aka Trenchiikoat) for the card design and with Rm_ilo this year, I feel really lucky to have worked with two incredible artists and lovely people. Seriously if you're looking to commission original artwork, look them up! I seriously loved talking to them and cannot recommend them highly enough!

When I got Rm_ilo's piece this year, I spent a long time looking at it thinking "is this real?!" The attention to deal was mindblowing and I LOVED her style. She really nailed her no-nonsense badass look, and the additional Christmas tree cradled in her arm was so cute!

Thank you so much, Rm_ilo!


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