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17th December 2018
Remedy's Wrapping Up 2018 Livestream
Mark Your Calendars for 20th Dec!

Mark your calendars for Thursday 20th December as Remedy will be holding a special end of year livestream featuring special guests, Courtney Hope (Lead in Control) and Mikael "Mixu" Kasurinen (Game Director), with host Vida Starčević (Associate Community Manager).

During their livestream, the studio will be sharing new in-progress footage for their "Wrapping Up 2018" event, and talking to the community about development on the title as we enter its release year.

You can catch the show on the studio's Twitch channel, at 6pm EET / 8am PST / 4pm GMT.

If you miss the broadcast, you can check out the show up to fourteen days after it airs. If you are a Twitch Partner or a Turbo subscriber, the broadcast will be available to watch up to sixty days after the broadcast.

Source: Remedy's Twitter Channel

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