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18th December 2018
Sam Lake & Minttu Wikberg Releases Second Book, Faarin Karonnu Karhu

This week, Remedy's Creative Director, Sam Lake, announced the launch of his second book with illustrator, Minttu Wikberg!

Following the launch of Milla Marble And The Missing Grandma in November of last year, the duo got to work on a new children's book. Their latest work is called Faarin Karonnu Karhu, and it is quite different from their previous adventure! In the story, two children, Miina and Olav, travel back in time to when their grandparents were their same age and explores how the Finnish town of Karkkila has changed.

10% of the book's proceeds will be donated to the Karkkila-Högfors Workers' Museum, an open-air exhibit in the area of Fagerkulla. Click HERE for more information of the museum.

The title can be ordered for 15€ at At present, the book is only available in Finnish. 

Source: Sam Lake's Twitter


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