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14th December 2018
Community Creations: 03roku's Festive Artwork
[Advent Calendar 2018]

In the lead up to Christmas, I wanted to spotlight some amazing artists in the community who have created some gorgeous and festive Remedy artwork over the years. For our third feature, we have the very talented 03roku, an artist based in Japan whose iconic artwork has been a fan favourite.

With more than 100 pieces of Alan Wake artwork in their portfolio, 03roku is one of the Remedy community's most productive artists. Their work is iconic and beautifully minimalistic making for some memorable and incredibly sweet artwork.

In their first festive piece, posted in 2013, they took inspiration from Barry's protective measures against the Taken, turning his "garlic against vampires" fairy lights into a full-blown Christmas tree outfit. Barry's face in this piece never fails to cheer me up as he looks so content in the puffy outfit. Possibly slightly impractical for hiking across Bright Falls but perfect as a defence against the Taken.
While 03roku primarily focuses on Alan as the subject in the artwork, it's not uncommon to see a cast of furry animals standing in for the supporting cast. Barry occasionally makes an appearance as an adorable beaver adorned with a tiny headlamp and Christmas lights, and Scratch turns up in several pieces as a sneaky cat. (03roku's Scratch is what actually led me to naming my cat, Mr Scratch!)

I messaged 03roku a few days ago to ask if it was okay to post some of their festive artwork on the site as part of the advent calendar, and not only did they agree but they also created an extra Christmas piece. It was a wonderful surprise to wake up to it in my inbox! They always have perfect complementary colours and seriously sweet designs for all of the characters but this piece is just... GAAHHHH I LOVE IT! Thank you, 03roku! You rock!

This post has just a small selection of the amazing work they do, to see their full portfolio, follow their adventures on Tumblr and Twitter!


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