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15th December 2018
Last Minute Gifts for Remedy Fans
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Despite the vast number of local and online stores available, it can still be overwhelming to find that gift that is just right, especially as Christmas edges closer.

Earlier in a month we posted a list a Christmas gift ideas for Remedy fans, which included items ranging from t-shirts to Collector's Editions, but if time is getting away from you, today we've put together a list of last minute gift ideas perfect for a Remedy fanatic. Everything listed below should arrive in time for the holidays, but... just double check those shipping dates if you're buying a physical item, just to be on the safe side.

Last Minute Gift Ideas for Remedy Fans:

If you have Amazon Prime you still have a few days to get your order in. There are some wonderful potential presents including the Alan Wake Collector's Edition for PC, the Alan Wake novelisation, and Quantum Break: Zero State.

Digital Steam Gift
If the person you're buying for is PC Gamer you might want to look out getting them a Steam gift. All of Remedy's AAA titles are available on Steam, from Death Rally to Quantum Break. Or you can also buy them a recommended game from the list of similar titles.

Humble Store Game Gift
If you're looking at getting a digital PC game, you might also want to consider buying something through The Humble Store. If you purchase through the Humble Store the game can still be redeemed on Steam but a portion of proceeds will be donated to a charity of your choice.

Kindle Book Gift
If you live in the US and you would like to give a book this Christmas, Amazon US has a system which allows you to purchase and gift an eBook to give to a friend. If your friend has yet to read the Alan Wake novelization or Quantum Break: Zero State, it's the perfect opportunity to give them that chance.

Art Commission
Why not work with a talented artist to create something special for someone?! The artwork doesn't have to be ready for the date, as the person in question can also help design the piece, but that collaboration might be a nice way to start the new year.
Artists in the Remedy Community available for commission: CMDonovann, SeaCat2401AceDhampir.
(Artwork to the left by CMDonovann)


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